5 Best Party Supplies in Chicago🥇 (2024)

Below is a list of the top and leading Party Supplies in Chicago. To help you find the best Party Supplies located near you in Chicago, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

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Chicago’s Best Party Supplies:


Chicago Party Place

Party Linens, LLC

Festive Collective


Chicago’s Best Party Supplies:

The top rated Party Supplies in Chicago are:

  • Paris312– is an online shop offering affordable, ready-to-party decor and gifts for every occasion
  • Chicago Party Place– is specializing in party rentals and entertainment
  • Party Linens, LLC– is Chicago’s premier supplier of fine linens for special events
  • Festive Collective– founded in January 2017 by Angela Wator
  • Doolin’s– has offered over 50 years of excellent service to their business and community partners

Paris3125 Best Party Supplies in Chicago🥇 (1)

Paris312 is an online shop offering affordable, ready-to-party decor and gifts for every occasion. Their products range from balloons, florals, and party supplies that help transform any space into a celebration. Low contact delivery is open in Chicago and nearby suburbs. As designers, creatives, and self-professed party lovers, they believe that life’s best moments should be celebrated easily and beautifully.

They wanted to build a brand that helped their customers experience all the fun and none of the fuss of a celebration. This led to their ready-to-party concept; affordable well-designed products, requiring little to no DIY, combined with the convenient service of low-contact delivery. Paris312 saves you time, stress, and effort, so you can enjoy the moment.


Kid’s Party, Adult Birthdays, All Occasions, Surprise Setups, Gifts


Address: 1900 W Hubbard St, Chicago, IL 60622
Phone:(312) 242-1825
Website: www.paris312.com


“I needed some helium-filled balloons last min for a birthday. I did a quick Google search and found Paris312. Great price range between super affordable and super fancy. I ordered them on a Sunday. They were delivered on the following Wed at the exact time scheduled + great quality! Will def be ordered again, prob in a few days for another balloon bouquet.” – Jennifer T.

Chicago Party Place5 Best Party Supplies in Chicago🥇 (2)

Chicago Party Place is specializing in party rentals and entertainment for all ages and occasions. Whether it’s a yard card or lawn sign, balloon creations, moonwalk, bouncer, inflatable fun, fun foods, their entertainers, party rentals, party activities, or photo novelties, their aim is to ensure that fun is had by all.

They cover the Chicago area, front lawns, back yards, basem*nts, family rooms, school carnivals, church events, company picnics, fundraisers, bar/bat-mitzvah, fun fairs, reunions, and more. Chicago Party Place is your excellent solution when looking for party entertainers or enjoyment activities for your event in Chicago. Discover artists ready to provide you with cool specialties like temporary tattoos, balloon artists, clowns, and games.


Bounce Houses, Entertainment, Tents & More, Interactives, Carnival Games, Photo Booths, Combo Bouncers, Arcade Games, Audio Visual, Balloon Decor


Address: 639 E 75th St, Chicago, IL 60619
Phone:(773) 643-5169
Website: www.chicagopartyplace.com


“The owner is very nice and funny! The experience was great. Even the person loading was courteous. We will definitely be back!” – Menyon L.

Party Linens, LLC5 Best Party Supplies in Chicago🥇 (3)

Party Linens, LLC is Chicago’s premier supplier of fine linens for special events. Their party consultants will help you select from their rainbow of vivid solids and a vast selection of patterns to ensure the coordinated look and feel you desire for that special event. Party Linens sets your imagination free. Featuring dozens and dozens of the most popular contemporary and traditional designer prints, that you can mix and match with their solid coordinates.

Just one of the many ways they provide their clients with a world of endless possibilities. Gloria Martinez will be glad to take care of your party linens needs. Their experienced staff is ready to help make your next occasion the smashing success you hope it to be.


Table Clothes, Skirting, Chair Covers, Napkins, Designs


Address: 10232 S Ave N, Chicago, IL 60617
Phone:(773) 731-9281
Website: www.partylinens.com


“We had the best time. We came in from out of town and needed some accents fast. Becky went above and beyond and make us feel like family. Prices were very reasonable and the return process was easy.” – E.M.

Festive Collective5 Best Party Supplies in Chicago🥇 (4)

Festive Collective founded in January 2017 by Angela Wator, owner of Bash Party Goods, Festive is a collaborative effort with other like-minded brands and artists. Bash and Fun Cult currently have studios in the space, but through the years, they have been home to Luft Balloon, Anne and Kate, and Barbie Roadkill Vintage. In addition to running the happiest shop of all time, they also host a variety of crafting workshops, pop-up markets, and large community parties.

At Festive Collective you can purchase their hand-crafted high end, sparkly, ready to party pieces or schedule a visit to dream up your own custom Fringe Banner in the Fun Cult studio. High-quality gift wrap, fun party supplies, and unique gifts from their Chicago storefront, Festive Collective.


Gift Wrap, Party Supplies, Unique Gifts, Workshops


Address: 3279 W Armitage Ave, Chicago, IL 60647
Website: www.festivecollective.com


“Always a great place. Cards get 10/10 for being original and for any occasion. Great for ornaments right now as well!” – Ashley A.

Doolin’s5 Best Party Supplies in Chicago🥇 (5)

Doolin’s has offered over 50 years of excellent service to their business and community partners. Consider joining their family of satisfied customers. They intend to spoil you with their service. Additionally to their retail store, they supply bingo, pull-tab, and other charitable gaming supplies to clients all over the Chicagoland area. Most of their customers come to them because they are raising money for their charity, church, or community group.

This is an extraordinary opportunity for them to see people/groups in the Chicagoland area at their very best. Doolin’s strength is their coordination and details in corporate/business, community, and university affairs. They handle volume and details for deliveries and pick-ups with reliability that businesses can count on.


Balloons & Accessories, Bingo & Gaming Supplies, Birthday Supplies, Feather Boas


Address: 511 N Halsted St, Chicago, IL 60642
Phone:(312) 243-9424
Website: www.doolins.com


“Party supply store offering a wide range of products from helium balloons to raffle tickets. The staff is very friendly and helpful, and the service is always quick. Definitely recommend Doolin’s as a great alternative to chain stores like Party City.” – Walker Van D.

5 Best Party Supplies in Chicago🥇 (6)

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5 Best Party Supplies in Chicago🥇 (2024)


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