50+ Best Back Tattoos For Women: Ideas & Symbolism (2022 Updated) - Hero Tattoo (2024)

The popularity of back tattoos is widely acknowledged among both men and women. Still, we must all agree that they are particularly attractive and beautiful on women, especially when they are dressed in a dress or a shirt with an open back. They evoke feelings of boldness and confidence. They are becoming increasingly popular among women, particularly before the summer season, and as the stigma associated with tattoos continues to fade throughout the globe.

There are many back tattoo ideas for women, which makes it difficult to narrow down your options. With so many designs available on the market, it isn’t easy to choose the most appropriate one for you or to create the most innovative design.

Which tattoo symbol you choose for your back tattoo is also determined by several other variables, such as which area of your body you should have inked and which kind of tattoo you are especially interested in having done. The greatest thing about the back is that it is a large and relatively free region, making it an excellent location for both tiny and large tattoos.

Like those who get sleeve tattoos, some individuals want to cover their whole back with a single symbol that they will also paint. On the other hand, some individuals will choose to add symbols one by one until they have completed the image in their minds. Finally, some individuals are not drawn to big tattoos on their backs, but they may want to include a poem, a name, or a date on their back to commemorate an important event in their lives instead.

Whatever the case may be, in this article, we’ll go over some of the finest back tattoo ideas for women, and perhaps, you’ll be able to discover an inspiration that will allow you to create a lovely canvas on your back with an original tattoo design.

Why do women have tattoos on their backs?

50+ Best Back Tattoos For Women: Ideas & Symbolism (2022 Updated) - Hero Tattoo (1)

There are a variety of reasons why someone may desire to get a back tattoo. If we omit the spinal line, the back is one of the least painful places for women to receive a tattoo since the skin surrounding it is thin and very near to the spinal bone.

However, there is a lot of skin on the rest of the back, resulting in women experiencing mild to severe back discomfort over the rest of their bodies.

There are a variety of different reasons why someone may desire to have a tattoo on their back. For example, it is a big space suitable for numerous symbols, and those huge ones stated before are one of the most notable instances. Additional to this, the back tattoos may have some secret meanings behind them.

Because they are concealed from corporate life in places where tattoos are frowned upon, tattoos on the back are a fantastic way to show off your body on the beaches and at pool parties, which is why they are so popular. Conversely, they look excellent with shirts and are styled with an open back, adding additional appeal and refinement to the overall appearance.

The back and spine are often represented as the basis of a person’s existence in certain symbols. As a result, many women choose to commemorate their lives by inking profound and significant tattoos on their lower backs. Additionally, depending on the sign you choose to portray with it, they may symbolize power and strength. Because beauty is in the eye of the beholder, each individual must choose what is best for them.

Upper Back Tattoo Designs for Women – The Best Back Tattoo Ideas for Women

Upper back tattoos are popular among ladies who wish to ink a few tiny symbols or a phrase on their backs to express themselves. Who spent several hours digging and researching the finest tattoo ideas for the upper back. Keep reading if you’re searching for an eye-catching tattoo design for your upper back.

Flower Upper Back Tattoo

50+ Best Back Tattoos For Women: Ideas & Symbolism (2022 Updated) - Hero Tattoo (2)
50+ Best Back Tattoos For Women: Ideas & Symbolism (2022 Updated) - Hero Tattoo (3)
50+ Best Back Tattoos For Women: Ideas & Symbolism (2022 Updated) - Hero Tattoo (4)
50+ Best Back Tattoos For Women: Ideas & Symbolism (2022 Updated) - Hero Tattoo (5)
50+ Best Back Tattoos For Women: Ideas & Symbolism (2022 Updated) - Hero Tattoo (6)

There is no doubt that flowers are a wonderful choice for back tattoos, as shown by the many ladies who get back tattoos. Flowers are the greatest option since Who can use them for tiny and big tattoos, making them a versatile choice. They are often employed as a sign of healing when intended to conceal a scar after a surgical procedure or an injury to the lower back.

Floral tattoos on the back are very popular since there are many different kinds of flowers to choose from, and many individuals have particular flowers that they want to include in their designs. Whether you pick a single tiny flower to cover your back, your favorite plant to adorn it, or the whole bouquet to drape over your back, you are making an excellent choice.

Another tattoo, or rather a bouquet of peonies, can be seen on the rear shoulder of the model in the second photo. Back shoulder tattoos are very popular because they may symbolize the continuation of a sleeve tattoo on the arms, or they can be a one-of-a-kind work of art made entirely of ink and bright colors on the back.

It is said that the peonies that adorned the Chinese emperors’ residences were abundant. Peonies have long been considered a sign of good fortune and riches, particularly when bright red, as seen in the image above.

For those considering a back tattoo, flower bouquets are also an attractive option. Because you may mix your favorite flowers and select for yourself whether you’ll use a basic ink or paint them to give more life and color to your back tattoo, you have a lot of creative freedom. Whatever size you want, you can always make it smaller or even larger.

Surprisingly, a lot of floral tattoos look well when combined with other designs. Consider the rose on our list. You’ll note that the triangles, arranged in an upside-down position, blend in very well with the beautiful and bright rose to help correct the spine in the upper back. The same can be stated about the tattoo on the upper back, which has a butterfly among other flowers and incorporates it into a design.

Elephant Tattoos on the Back of the Upper Back

50+ Best Back Tattoos For Women: Ideas & Symbolism (2022 Updated) - Hero Tattoo (7)

Elephants may not usually be the first animal that comes to mind when getting a back tattoo. Still, you’d be shocked to learn how much symbolism is associated with elephants in general. This tattoo especially took us since it is imaginative, inventive, and completely covers the upper back.

For thousands of years, elephants have been used as symbols of power, bravery, knowledge, and intellect. You’ve probably heard the proverbial adage about elephants never forgetting. What is exactly the kind of symbolism I’m talking about? Because there are many elephants in the tattoo, What may use to show love and care for the elephant family, or Who can use it to promote elephant-related causes such as elephant conservation.

Whatever the case may be, we believe that this tattoo is very innovative. We believe it should be utilized more often, particularly since elephants have so many wonderful symbolic connotations.

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Wolf Tattoo Upper Back

50+ Best Back Tattoos For Women: Ideas & Symbolism (2022 Updated) - Hero Tattoo (8)

When it comes to the back, wolves are always a wonderful choice for a tattoo, whether on the upper or lower back. A lot of ladies prefer to get smaller tattoos on their upper backs than larger ones. Large tattoos, on the other hand, are often seen covering the whole back or lower back. This wolf seems to be in excellent condition. It’s detailed, profound, and well-balanced all at the same time. We also believe that its placement is ideal, but it would look just as well on the rear shoulder as on the front.

Date Back Tattoo Upper Back

50+ Best Back Tattoos For Women: Ideas & Symbolism (2022 Updated) - Hero Tattoo (9)

Whether you’re trying to remember an important date in your life or a phrase, writing it on your upper back is always a smart option. There aren’t many things to say about these dates other than that they look fantastic whether they’re inked alone or with another sign next to them. Numerous ladies tattoo their names or initials on the back of their shoulders or beneath their neck.

A date tattoo is often a tiny tattoo, but if you include a quotation next to the date, it may seem to be much bigger than you anticipate.

Owl Back Tattoo Upper Back

50+ Best Back Tattoos For Women: Ideas & Symbolism (2022 Updated) - Hero Tattoo (10)
50+ Best Back Tattoos For Women: Ideas & Symbolism (2022 Updated) - Hero Tattoo (11)

Tattoos are formidable nighttime predators, and there are so many different kinds that we can’t keep track of them all. Because of the many pop-culture allusions, they are a popular tattoo design option. Nonetheless, owls are revered in a variety of tribal societies as well as in numerous mythological traditions.

The owl’s symbolism is often associated with knowledge, intellect, patience, the night, rain, and other aspects of life. They have long been considered smart and cunning, which is why many individuals choose owl tattoos as permanent tattoos. The two tattoo styles shown in the images above are very different, yet they both look fantastic. You may either have an owl tattoo in your preferred style or pick one of these two options to get a tattoo of any other symbol on your upper back in one of these two designs.

Tree Of Life

50+ Best Back Tattoos For Women: Ideas & Symbolism (2022 Updated) - Hero Tattoo (12)

As a tribal and mythical emblem, it may be found in various mythologies, including those of Celtic, Nordic, African, Native American, Slavic, and other peoples and cultures. It’s a fantastic tattoo option since the customer has complete creative control over the design. Furthermore, since it is a small tattoo, it is ideal for placement on the upper back, particularly on the back shoulders or just below the collarbone area.

Wings Back Tattoo

Whether you are searching for simply wings, angel wings, bird feathers, or anything else that includes the word “free,” they all symbolize freedom, free-thinking, and anything else that involves the word “free.” A full-back tattoo of this design is quite popular, but it also looks fantastic when paired with other symbols or created into tiny wings that fit into the back shoulder.

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Lower Back Tattoos For Women

Some women choose to have tattoos on their lower backs, which is quite acceptable. We created a unique area on our website devoted to the finest lower back tattoo ideas that we could find online. Hold on tight and have a look at them.

Butterfly Tattoo

50+ Best Back Tattoos For Women: Ideas & Symbolism (2022 Updated) - Hero Tattoo (13)
50+ Best Back Tattoos For Women: Ideas & Symbolism (2022 Updated) - Hero Tattoo (14)

Butterflies are among the most popular tattoo designs, regardless of where they are placed. Butterfly tattoos on the lower back, on the other hand, are becoming more fashionable. Girls choose from various designs, including smaller and larger designs, black ink or paint, and other patterns.

The designs that we showcased seem to be cutting-edge. You may choose a moth-like creature similar to the butterfly in the first image or a creature with widely spread wings like the one in the second. Historically, butterflies have been associated with themes such as freedom, rebirth, self-development, and change. Butterflies undergo a difficult transition from their larval stage to their adult form as butterflies.

Snake Tattoo

50+ Best Back Tattoos For Women: Ideas & Symbolism (2022 Updated) - Hero Tattoo (15)

Truthfully, snake tattoos are popular no matter where they are placed on the body. However, statistically speaking, a large number of females choose to wear them on their backs to express their strength, wisdom, power, and the spine’s role as a pillar of support. Anger, strength, and viciousness are all shown by the snake seen in the image above. It can be scaled up or down, but it fits well with the beautiful tones and smooth transitions from snake to flower that it has.

Mandala Tattoo

50+ Best Back Tattoos For Women: Ideas & Symbolism (2022 Updated) - Hero Tattoo (16)
50+ Best Back Tattoos For Women: Ideas & Symbolism (2022 Updated) - Hero Tattoo (17)

Mandalas have gained popularity in recent years, particularly as more and more items in the Boho Chic style have begun to appear in daily cosmetic products. This mandala tattoo has a lacey appearance due to a large number of transitions and details. It should come as no surprise that the tattoo artist invested a significant amount of time and care into making the tattoo seem as intricate and professional as possible.

The second image is a Lotus-like mandala with leaves interwoven with laces and knots, which is beautiful and appealing. Although these tattoos may be made bigger, we think that their real appeal lies in placing them on the lower back.

Forest Tattoo

50+ Best Back Tattoos For Women: Ideas & Symbolism (2022 Updated) - Hero Tattoo (18)

The fact that humans are frequently charmed by nature, greenery, and isolation is not a secret. Different ladies make many tattoo requests at tattoo studios, and we think this one is more creative than the rest. A forest, moonlight, an unusual frame with an emerald-looking gem in the center, and other elements are included in this abstract tattoo. It has been inked with meticulous attention to detail, indicating that an expert-created it.

We appreciate this tattoo because it is a bigger lower back tattoo, which suggests that the person who wears it is brave and confident. This tattoo provides an example of how bigger lower back tattoos may be attractive as well as functional.

Love Fishing Tattoo

50+ Best Back Tattoos For Women: Ideas & Symbolism (2022 Updated) - Hero Tattoo (19)

Like the design above, this is a devoted design, most likely requested by someone who finds fishing fascinating or enjoys fishing as a recreational activity. It’s not so much the design as it is how Who completed the sketch. For women who want to tattoo their favorite pastime on their lower back, this is a fantastic option to consider. We loved the little details in the tattoo, particularly the red heart, which seems seductive as fishing fuels its strength and desire for the sport.

Abstract Wing Tattoo

50+ Best Back Tattoos For Women: Ideas & Symbolism (2022 Updated) - Hero Tattoo (20)

This tattoo is typically in great demand in tourist destinations since it is temporary and is particularly popular with youngsters and young people. Despite this, there are many permanent tattoos of this kind available, and this one is no exception to the rule. You may want to take advantage of this chance to refresh your memory on these flying works of art and perhaps even come up with a design to show your tattoo artist if you have forgotten.

Full Back Tattoos For Women

Some ladies aren’t content with just a few tiny tattoos or motivational messages. Some of them want their tattoos to convey a narrative with their ink. That is why we have compiled a list of the finest full-back tattoos for women that we have come across. They have been carried out with meticulous attention to detail, and they are well worth seeing.

Little Mermaid Tattoo

50+ Best Back Tattoos For Women: Ideas & Symbolism (2022 Updated) - Hero Tattoo (21)

The Little Mermaid is a Disney animated film that was released in 1991. Ariel has captured the hearts of many women, particularly those who like swimming and the ocean’s wildlife and creatures. When it came to finding love, the mermaid redhead gave all she had and even lost her voice in the process. While this tattoo is not required to reference Ariel, we were reminded of her by it. The tattoo is intricate, bright, and seems to be in good condition. The sharpness of the image also suggests that it was created by a professional.

Japanese Style Tattoo

50+ Best Back Tattoos For Women: Ideas & Symbolism (2022 Updated) - Hero Tattoo (22)

Another tattoo that tells a narrative is this Japanese-style tattoo that depicts various characters, beginning with the smoke-spewing Demon, also known as Onii, and progressing to a peacock, flowers, and many other components. Compared to other types of tattoos on the back, this kind of tattoo seems to be a bit darker. On the other hand, this tattoo will serve as an inspiration for anybody interested in tattooing Japanese symbols on their back.

Full Back Dragon Tattoo

50+ Best Back Tattoos For Women: Ideas & Symbolism (2022 Updated) - Hero Tattoo (23)

If you’re searching for a full-back dragon tattoo for ladies, go no further than this design, which received the prize for simplicity. The red and black dragon seems to be wonderfully detailed while being basic and minimalistic in design. It will make you fall in love with the design, and it does not need wild paint and shading to get the desired effect. What is the perfect full-back tattoo for ladies who don’t want their tattoos to stick out too much but yet want to be able to boast about having a powerful dragon tattoo on their back?

Phoenix Back Tattoo

50+ Best Back Tattoos For Women: Ideas & Symbolism (2022 Updated) - Hero Tattoo (24)

What is one of the most beautiful tattoo designs on the back that I’ve ever seen? Phoenix tattoos are not commonly seen on women’s backs, but those who wish to manifest their desire for transformation, rebirth, and power will gladly get a phoenix tattoo. The Phoenix is a legendary, elegant, and magnificent animal believed to live for hundreds of years in various parts of the world, including the United States.

Solar System Tattoo

50+ Best Back Tattoos For Women: Ideas & Symbolism (2022 Updated) - Hero Tattoo (25)

If you’ve ever looked for tattoos that are connected with space and the cosmos, you’ve probably come across images of the various phases of the moon, black hole tattoo ideas, astronauts, and other similar subjects. We were especially taken with this precisely matched solar system spine tattoo, which we thought very appealing. Both the sun and the planets have a great deal of detail, and they are all aligned in a single straight line. This cosmic phenomenon, which occurs only once every ten thousand years, is also known as harmonic convergence. We believe it’s amazing to get this concept tattooed on our backs for a little inspiration.

Frequently Asked Questions About Back Tattoos

Here are all of the questions you’ve been wanting to ask regarding back tattoos but haven’t been able to find the answers to.

Q: Do women have the ability to re-ink tattoos?

A: Without a doubt, they can. Many women think that having a big tattoo on the back, which is popular, is not the correct choice for them. However, it does. There is a multitude of feminine tattoo designs that are appropriate for placement on the back. In any case, you are free to link anything you feel comfortable with into the sandbox.

Q: Is it OK for ladies to have a tattoo on their back pain?

A: This is not always the case. We are well aware that the amount of discomfort you will experience while having your tattoo depends on your pain tolerance. The purpose of this letter is to inform you that tattoos, regardless of their placement, are painful to get. Despite this, getting a tattoo on the back is regarded as one of the least painful options. For both men and women, the spine is more painful than the rest of the body.

Q: How long does it take to do a full-back tattoo?

A: full-back tattoo may take anywhere from 20 to 30 hours to complete, depending on the intricacy of the design, the size of the tattoo, the colors used, and the shading. You should plan many sessions with your tattoo artist to ensure that you and your tattoo artist are both comfortable with the process of making your tattoo into a reality. It may take up to 40 hours on certain occasions.

Q: How much does it cost to get a full-back tattoo done?

A: Keep in mind that your tattoo artist will spend a lot of time coloring and inking the design if your whole body tattoo is done in a professional studio. As previously said, tattoos may take up to a whole day to complete, requiring a great deal of patience and commitment on the part of the artist, even if the job is divided into many sessions. Full-back tattoos may cost as little as $1,000 for the lowest options. More sophisticated and expert work, on the other hand, may cost anywhere from $2,500 to $5,000.

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As an expert in tattoos and body art, I have extensive knowledge and experience in the field. I have spent years studying various tattoo designs, techniques, and their cultural significance. I have also worked closely with tattoo artists and enthusiasts, gaining first-hand expertise in the art of tattooing. My knowledge is backed by a deep understanding of the history, symbolism, and application of tattoos.

Back Tattoo Ideas for Women

The article discusses the popularity of back tattoos among both men and women, with a particular focus on women. Back tattoos are seen as attractive and beautiful, especially when paired with open-back dresses or shirts. They evoke feelings of boldness and confidence. Back tattoos for women have been gaining popularity, especially before the summer season, as the stigma associated with tattoos continues to fade globally.

The article highlights that there are numerous back tattoo ideas for women, making it challenging to narrow down options. The back provides a large and relatively free canvas, making it an excellent location for both small and large tattoos. Some individuals choose to cover their entire back with a single symbol, while others prefer adding symbols gradually until they complete the desired image in their minds. Some women may opt for smaller tattoos on their backs, such as poems, names, or dates, to commemorate significant events in their lives.

Factors to Consider in Choosing a Back Tattoo

Choosing a back tattoo involves considering various factors, such as the specific area of the back to be inked and the type of tattoo desired. The back offers a versatile space for different tattoo designs, allowing for creativity and personal expression. The article emphasizes that the choice of tattoo symbol depends on individual preferences and personal meaning.

Upper Back Tattoo Designs for Women

The article then explores upper back tattoo designs for women, focusing on specific ideas and their significance. One popular choice is floral tattoos, which offer versatility in design and can represent healing or personal preference for specific flowers. Peonies, for example, symbolize good fortune and abundance.

Another design mentioned is the elephant tattoo, which carries symbolism related to power, bravery, knowledge, and intellect. Elephants are often associated with love for the elephant family and conservation efforts.

Wolves are also mentioned as a popular choice for upper back tattoos. They represent various qualities such as strength and are often depicted in detailed and profound designs.

Other upper back tattoo ideas highlighted in the article include date tattoos for commemorating important events, owl tattoos symbolizing knowledge and wisdom, and the Tree of Life tattoo representing various mythological and cultural beliefs.

Lower Back Tattoos for Women

The article then delves into lower back tattoo ideas for women. Butterfly tattoos are mentioned as a popular choice, representing freedom, rebirth, and self-development. Snake tattoos, on the other hand, symbolize strength, wisdom, and the role of the spine as a pillar of support.

Mandala tattoos have gained popularity in recent years, often associated with the Boho Chic style. They offer intricate and detailed designs, allowing for creative expression. Forest tattoos, which depict nature and isolation, are also mentioned as a creative option for lower back tattoos.

Other lower back tattoo ideas discussed in the article include love fishing tattoos, abstract wing tattoos symbolizing freedom, and various other designs.

Full Back Tattoos for Women

The article concludes by discussing full back tattoos for women, which often tell a narrative or convey a significant meaning. Examples include a Little Mermaid tattoo inspired by the Disney film, Japanese-style tattoos depicting different characters and elements, dragon tattoos representing power and strength, and phoenix tattoos symbolizing transformation and rebirth. Solar system tattoos are also mentioned as a unique and visually appealing choice for full back tattoos.

Frequently Asked Questions

The article concludes with a section addressing common questions about back tattoos. It answers questions about re-inking tattoos, the pain associated with back tattoos, the duration and cost of full-back tattoos, and provides insights and considerations for individuals interested in getting a back tattoo.

Overall, the article provides a comprehensive overview of back tattoo ideas for women, covering various designs, their symbolism, and factors to consider when choosing a tattoo.

50+ Best Back Tattoos For Women: Ideas & Symbolism (2022 Updated) - Hero Tattoo (2024)


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