53 Valentine Coloring Pages | Free PDF Printables (2024)

Welcome to our ever-growing collection of Valentine coloring pages. Each free printable PDF features beautiful images for Valentine's Day, including "Be Mine," "I Love You," and other love quotes, funny V-Day puns, printable heart templates, intricate heart designs, and plenty of cute coloring pages for kids.

Whether you need a simple V-Day craft, printable Valentine's Day cards, or just a relaxing activity to pass the time, this set of Valentine's Day coloring sheets is a great way to celebrate the season of love!

53 Valentine Coloring Pages | Free PDF Printables (1)

Free Valentine Coloring Pages for Kids + Adults

For this series, we illustrated all things love! You'll find coloring pages full of all different types of hearts, including big hearts, small hearts, heart eye emojis, candy hearts, and heart mandalas. We also have lots of printable heart templates that work perfectly for DIY Valentine's Day cards.

While we designed many of these images of love to color in for kids of all ages, we've also included intricate Valentine doodles, mandalas, and zentangles, too.

Print some to use as V-Day cards for teachers, students, friends, children, neighbors or other loved ones.

All our high-resolution free Valentine's pictures are standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes.

1. Click on the coloring sheet image or text link under the image.

2. The printable file (PDF) will open in a new browser tab.

3. You can download or print to your heart’s content from there!

These free printables are for personal, non-commercial use only.

Printable Valentine's Day Coloring Pages to Download

Gather your markers, colored pencils, a box of chocolates, and gel pens to color something sweet and lovely. Happy coloring!

Use these links to jump to a particular section, or scroll down the page to see all our Valentine pictures to color in.

Designs For Kids | Valentines to Cut Out and Color | Detailed Pages for Adults

V-Day Coloring Pages for Kids

From "I Love You" coloring pages to dinosaur valentines and cute heart emojis, these simple designs are perfect for the littlest colorers.

Cupcake with Lots of Hearts to Color

Valentine's Wreath Coloring Page

While you're at it, print these related coloring sheets!

Conversation Hearts

I Love You

St. Valentine

Cute Hearts

Love with Heart-Shaped Lollipops Coloring Sheet

Girl on a Wheelchair with Heart Balloons Coloring Page for Kids

"You're Porcu-fine" Valentine Coloring Page

Free Heart Eyes Emoji PDF to Color

Easy Valentines Coloring Sheet for Preschool

Happy Valentine's Day Template with Hearts to Color for Kids

Coloring Page of "I Love You" in Sign Language

Kawaii Chibi Valentine Coloring Sheet for Kids

Teddy Bear with Balloon Hearts to Color

Chesire Cat Valentine Coloring Page

Cute Dinosaur Holding a Rose Valentine Coloring Page

Pizza with Heart Toppings Free Coloring Sheet

Printable Valentine's Day Cupcake to Color

"You Make My Heart Skip a Beet" Funny Valentine Coloring Page

"You're Tea-rrific" Cute and Funny Valentine Coloring Sheet

"Donut Forget, I Love You" Printable Valentines PDF to Color

"You are Roarsome" Cute Dinosaur Valentine Coloring Page

Cute Cartoon with Lots of Hearts Coloring Sheet

Cute Avocado Valentine Coloring Sheet

Free Printable Winnie the Pooh Valentines Day PDF to Color

Baby Thumper Bunny Valentine Coloring Page for Kids

Kawaii Porcupine Valentine Coloring Sheet PDF

Coloring Page of a Broken Heart

Valentine Heart Coloring Pages

Are you in love with love? If you can't get enough hearts, these printable Valentine hearts are for you.

Printable Blank Hearts Template to Color

Candy Hearts for Valentine's Day Coloring Page

Conversation Hearts PDF to Color

Big Heart and Small Hearts Outline Coloring Sheet for Toddlers

Candy Hearts Valentine Coloring Page

Cute Heart with Faces Coloring Sheet

Happy Valentine's Day Coloring Page

53 Valentine Coloring Pages | Free PDF Printables (34)

Cute Candy Hearts Coloring Sheet

Valentines to Print and Color In

Do you need last-minute Valentine cards to hand out at school, church, or home? We've got you covered with these printable Valentines to cut out and color.

Free Printable Hearts with Dog Designs to Color and Cut

Printable Hearts with Faces Template to Color and Cut

Cute Printable Hearts with Cupcakes PDF to Color and Cut

Kawaii Heart Template with Animals to Color and Cut

Will You Be My Valentine Coloring Pages

Looking for a creative way to ask someone special to be your Valentine? Print out one of these adorable coloring pages, fill it in with your potential Valentine's favorite colors, and deliver it to them on February 14.

"Bee Mine!" Free Valentine Coloring Page

Unicorn "Be My Valentine" Coloring Sheet

"Be My Valentine" Cartoon Hearts to Color

"Will You Peas Be Mine?" Funny Valentine Coloring Sheet

Detailed Dinosaur Valentine Coloring Page

"We Bee-long Together!" Printable Valentine Coloring Sheet

Valentine Coloring Pages for Adults

With detailed hearts and intricate designs of love, these adult coloring pages are a meaningful way to show someone how much you care about them.

"True Love" Zentangle Heart to Color

Heart Mandala with Lots of Hearts Coloring Page

Intricate Flowers and Hearts to Color for Adults

Detailed Zentagle Heart Coloring Page

Valentine Coloring Page of a Zentagle Heart for Adults

"Baby's First Valentine's Day" Coloring Sheet

"You've Got the Key to My Heart" Cute Valentine Coloring Page

Forever Valentine Coloring Sheet with Intricate Designs

Soulmates Valentine Wreath with Simple Hearts to Color

"Bound By Love" Printable Coloring Page for Adults

53 Valentine Coloring Pages | Free PDF Printables (55)

Dinosaur Valentine Coloring Pages

Got a dino lover? Then you'll love these prehistoric valentines! These coloring pages feature all types of dinosaurs with silly quotes like 'Have a roar-y good Valentine's Day,' 'You're Roar-some,' and more dinosaur puns.

If you're looking for a fun Valentine's Day activity or free printable cards, this set of dino coloring pages is perfect for fans of all ages.

Saint Valentine Coloring Pages

This Valentine's Day series includes various drawings of Saint Valentine. You'll find realistic, cartoon, and abstract styles, with some showing him surrounded by hearts and others in stained glass windows. The collection also features coloring sheets with quotes from St. Valentine.

This set of Catholic St. Valentine coloring sheets is ideal for Sunday School classes and teaching kids about the history of Valentine's Day.

Christian Valentine Coloring Pages

In this series, we have illustrations of various bible characters, such as God, Jesus Christ, and Saint Valentine. We've also included coloring pages featuring Valentine's Day bible verses and crosses with hearts that symbolize God's love.

This collection of church Valentine coloring sheets serves two purposes. It provides scriptures related to Valentine's Day and offers a fun activity for Sunday School classes to spread the message of love.

Heart Coloring Pages

This collection features a wide variety of free printable heart pictures. It includes simple hearts, heart zentangles, broken hearts, hearts of different sizes, heart mandalas, conversation and candy hearts, human hearts, heart-shaped card templates, and blank hearts for printing.

Our heart-themed coloring pages are perfect if you need a fun Valentine's Day activity or want to send someone special a sweet gesture.

"I Love You" Messages to Color

This set of love coloring pages is a creative way to share your feelings, whether you want printable pictures for Valentine's Day, Friendship Day, birthdays, anniversaries, or just to let someone know you're thinking of them.

Rose and Heart Coloring Pages

In this love-themed flower series, you'll find realistic roses surrounded by hearts, rose outlines, bouquets of roses, and heart-shaped roses. If you're feeling romantic this Valentine's Day, these heart and rose coloring pages are for you!

What Will You Color Next?

If you enjoyed these holiday coloring pages, we think you'll love these too. Print your own personal coloring book from your favorites!

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More Free Printables to Color

We've got loads of free printable PDF coloring pages to help your family relax, work on fine motor skills, practice color recognition, or enjoy time together.

Download a few (or a hundred!) today.

  • Grateful Coloring Pages | Free PDF Printables
  • Boston Terrier Coloring Pages | Free PDF Printables
  • Inspirational Quotes Coloring Pages | Positive PDF Printables
  • Positive Affirmations Coloring Pages | Free PDF Printables
  • Meditation + Mindfulness Coloring Pages | Free PDF Printables
  • Husky Coloring Pages | Free PDF Printables
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  • Juneteenth Coloring Pages | Free PDF Printables

Craft Ideas to Make With Valentine Coloring Pages

We’ve selected 12 unique craft projects for you to transform our Valentine’s Day coloring sheets into a handmade gift or personal keepsake.

From decorative garlands to beautiful bookmarks, these fun crafts are a great way for kids of all ages and adults to enjoy getting creative.

So grab your favorite gel pens or coloring pencils and get ready to spread the love this Valentine’s Day!

1. DIY Valentine's Day Card:

Create handmade gift cards for friends, family, or significant others.

Choose your favorite Valentine's Day coloring pages and fill them with vibrant colors.

Then, cut out designs like candy hearts, flowers, or teddy bears.

Fold a piece of cardstock in half and glue your cut-out shapes onto the front. Add embellishments like sequins, buttons, and glitter for a little extra sparkle.

Write a sweet message or poem inside and deliver (in secret!) to your Valentine.

2. Love-Themed Bookmarks:

This project is for all the book-lovers out there! Cut your colored pages into strips about 2 inches wide and 6 inches long.

If possible, laminate each strip to make your bookmark more durable.

Use a hole puncher to make a hole at the top of each bookmark. Next, thread a ruby red or pretty pink ribbon through the hole.

Gift to friends at school, parents, or grandparents who love to read.

3. Sweetheart Garland:

Add a little romance to a room by crafting bespoke bunting.

Once you’ve completed your love-filled coloring designs, cut the pages into triangles or simple designs like lots of hearts.

Make small holes at the top of each shape and string them together using yarn, string, or ribbon.

Hang this bunting in your classroom or at home for a fun way to spread the love.

4. Gift a Bouquet of Paper Flowers:

Transform your colored pages into beautiful blooms for a precious present.

Fill in and cut your free printables into strips about 2 inches wide.

Gently twist each strip to form petal shapes and secure them with a small dab of glue.

Then, glue petals around a central point to create a full flower shape. Younger kiddos might need help with this bit, but older kids are able to work independently.

Use floral wire or a wooden skewer for the stem, attaching it to the base of your paper flower with tape or glue.

Try adding some small details like sequins, beads, or a little bit of glitter. Arrange the finished flowers in a vase and display all year round.

5. Jar Lanterns:

Light up your Valentine’s with these enchanting, easy-to-make lanterns.

Select your favorite colored pages and trim them to match the height and circumference of a glass jar. (Mason jars work well, but so do clean spaghetti sauce or salsa jars.)

Apply a thin layer of glue evenly on the outside of the jar. Carefully wrap your colored page around the outside, smoothing out any bubbles or wrinkles.

Once dry, place a tea light or LED candle inside. The light will shine through the colored design, creating a warm, ambient glow perfect for a romantic evening.

6. Love Day Fridge Magnets:

Turn your beautifully colored Valentine's pages into practical and fun fridge magnets.

Choose designs or shapes like simple hearts and cut them out.

Stick each cutout onto a piece of cardboard and trim it to match the shape of your design. Then, glue a small magnet to the back of the cardboard.

These handmade magnets can be used to decorate your refrigerator, classroom, or as cute, personalized gifts.

7. DIY Gift Wrapping Paper:

Use the larger or more intricate Valentine doodles as unique wrapping paper.

Simply wrap the gift as you normally would, and add a ribbon or bow for a finishing touch.

This personalized gift wrap is sure to make the present even more special.

8. Spread the Love Window Decorations:

Brighten up your windows for the season of love!

Choose the most vividly colored pages and cut out detailed hearts or any other Valentine's design.

Brush a little cooking oil over the shapes to make the paper semi-translucent.

Once dry, tape these decorations to a window where they will catch the light.

9. February 14th Placemats:

Looking for a craft that’s both pretty and practical? Look no further!

Print horizontal Valentine's coloring sheets onto card stock. Color them using your favorite art supplies.

Then, either use contact paper or laminate them to protect your table from sticky fingers!

These DIY placemats are a charming addition to a Valentine's Day meal.

10. Saint Valentine’s Puzzle Game:

The fun doesn’t have to end once you’ve finished coloring! Create a unique, challenging puzzle with your doodle designs.

Select a fully colored Saint Valentine page and mount it onto a piece of cardboard for stability. Choose more intricate designs for older kids and simple patterns for toddlers and younger children.

Once glued, cut the page into puzzle pieces, ensuring the sizes are manageable for kids to put back together.

Invite friends and family over for a game night and enjoy your new creation.

11. Cupid’s Crafted Pins:

Cut out small circles or hearts from your colored sheets and create darling badges.

Glue the shapes onto pieces of cardboard to give them a sturdy backing.

After the glue has dried, attach a safety pin to the back of each cardboard piece. You can use strong adhesive or tape to secure the pin.

Now your handmade badges are ready to be worn or given as cute Valentine's gifts.

12. Hearts and Hugs Wreath:

Make a stunning, love-themed wreath to level up your holiday decor.

Trim various heart shapes and other designs from your colored pages.

Cut out a ring from an old cardboard box, and arrange your cutouts in a circular pattern around the ring. (Try tracing two differently-sized mixing bowls to create a wreath template.)

Use glue or double-sided tape to attach the cutouts to the cardboard. Embellish your wreath with ribbons, glitter, or small beads to finish the look.

Now your Valentine's Day wreath is ready to be displayed on your door or wall for all to see!

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  2. Valentine Coloring Pages for Kids: This section of the article focuses on coloring pages suitable for kids. It includes designs such as "I Love You" coloring pages, dinosaur valentines, cute heart emojis, and simple designs perfect for young colorers. The coloring pages feature images like cupcakes with lots of hearts, a Valentine's wreath, conversation hearts, a girl on a wheelchair with heart balloons, and more [[1]].

  3. Heart Coloring Pages: This section of the article provides a collection of heart-themed coloring pages. It includes simple hearts, heart zentangles, broken hearts, heart mandalas, conversation and candy hearts, human hearts, heart-shaped card templates, and blank hearts for printing. These coloring pages are suitable for a fun Valentine's Day activity or as a sweet gesture for someone special [[1]].

  4. "I Love You" Messages to Color: This section features love coloring pages that can be used to share your feelings on various occasions, including Valentine's Day, Friendship Day, birthdays, anniversaries, or just to let someone know you're thinking of them. The coloring pages include images of roses and hearts, realistic roses surrounded by hearts, rose outlines, bouquets of roses, and heart-shaped roses [[1]].

  5. Craft Ideas to Make With Valentine Coloring Pages: This section provides 12 unique craft projects that can be created using Valentine's Day coloring sheets. The crafts include DIY Valentine's Day cards, love-themed bookmarks, sweetheart garlands, paper flowers, jar lanterns, love day fridge magnets, DIY gift wrapping paper, window decorations, February 14th placemats, Saint Valentine's puzzle game, Cupid's crafted pins, and hearts and hugs wreath [[1]].

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53 Valentine Coloring Pages | Free PDF Printables (2024)


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