Canvas Painting Ideas: 35 Beautiful Ways To Make Wall Art At Home Even If You Aren't Crafty (2024)

Canvas Painting Ideas: 35 Beautiful Ways To Make Wall Art At Home Even If You Aren't Crafty (1)

Sometimes the same old wall decorations just won’t cut it.

Enter canvas painting ideas and wall art. Yup. Homemade wall art can be a great way to decorate just about any apartment, home, bedroom, dorm room, living room…you name it, chances are it’ll look great with some wall art you made yourself!

The great thing about easy painting ideas is that they don’t cost you a ton of money, they’re actually fun + relaxing to make, and can be re-used and repainted over and over and over again.

Seriously? yeah, seriously. Here’s a quick list of affordable supplies to help you started:


Table of Contents

DIY Painting Supplies

  • Acrylic Paint Set

  • Canvas Boards

  • Painting Easel

  • Paint Brush Set

  • Painter’s Tape

A great way to save money on canvas (because they can get a bit pricey) is to just use some white paint over it when you get bored of your previous creation. Once it’s dry, you’re ready to paint something fresh and new. Pretty simple, right?

Now, what exactly can you paint on a blank canvas that can go great with that living room/bedroom/home office decor scheme you’ve worked so hard to put together?

For that, let’s look at a few (more like a TON) of good examples.

DIY Photo Transfer Art

Via Persia Lou

Photo transfer art might seem too fancy and complicated to even try when you first see it. If you look at this cactus beauty you can’t help but feel a little intimidated. But it turns out it can actually be pretty practical to create, and you don’t even need lots of fancy materials to come up with wall art that’ll only look like it cost you a million bucks.

Simple Canvas Painting


DIY Watercolor Canvas Art

ViaOptimistic Mommy

This is a pretty easy painting idea. The colors bring it all together and the triangular pieces fit nicely. Optimistic mommy teaches you how to put it together and create a stunning masterpiece worthy of admiration you can hang in just about any place in your house.

DIY Canvas Painting Idea With A Message

ViaA Side Of Sweet

Your wall art doesn’t have to only be abstract. It can also include your favorite quotes, words, or sayings in them. A combination of pastel colors is always a great idea no matter what you’re decorating. You can score the directions on how exactly to make this nifty piece of wall art over at A Side Of Sweet!

Ink Art Projects


DIY Flower Print Canvas

ViaPop Sugar

Flower prints are timeless and never go out of style. They’re used over and over again in things like furniture, houseware, and even this diy canvas art idea. Try it and see what awesome creation of your own you can come up with!

Easy DIY Wall Art Painted Canvas

ViaBirds Party

This gorgeous canvas DIY idea by Birds Party is a must-make at home project. I mean look at all those colors and how well they go together. Now, before you get too intimated by the project, head over to the blog to learn the step-by-step process.

Canvas Collage

ViaSarah Hearts

How To Paint Clouds With Acrylic Paint

ViaFeeling Nifty

What’s not to love about an ombre skyline with pillowy clouds. And no, it doesn’t take forever to recreate. Learn how over on Feeling Nifty.

DIY Colorful Fabric Paint Canvas

ViaHello, Wonderful

You can mix and match wall art so that you aren’t stuck with just one canvas marterpiece. Hello Wonderful does a great job at this by showing you how you can coordinate three smaller canvases by using the same colors on each with different designs. A pretty gorgeous creation in our book.

DIY Letter Art Canvas

ViaHomemade Ginger

Letter art is another classic way to decorate your walls that can pack meaning in it. If you add letters to your diy canvas art they can turn out pretty nice and decorative, like these from Homemade Ginger!

DIY Gold Leaf Splatter Paint

ViaLovely Indeed

It’s pretty safe to say gold goes great with everything. And this gold leaf splatter painting idea totally proves it. Add a little color and original artwork to your space with this easy DIY. Learn the step by step process on Lovely Indeed.

Squegee Painting


DIY Abstract Canvas Painting

ViaThe Fox And She

This piece of wall art literally looks like it was painted by Monet himself. But nope. It’s a simple DIY piece made right at home, and you can create the same thing with a few paints, a canvas, and a paint brush! It would go great with some mid-century home decor for sure!

DIY Watercolor Art

ViaDwell Beautiful

When it comes to wall art there’s plenty of space for watercolor canvas paintings. They’re so easy to make and there is an endless amount of ideas that you can bring to life with some simple watercolor paints. Learn to create these wall clipboards to decorate your home office!

Paint Swatch Art DIY

ViaA Beautiful Mess

DIY Gold Abstract Art

ViaLolly Jane

Add a little (or lots) of gold to your homemade wall art and watch your space instantly light up with sparkle. You can learn the complete step-by-step on how to create this gorgeous piece of wall art over at Lolly Jane. It can even make a great gift idea!

Landscape Canvas Art


How To Paint A Pineapple

ViaStep by Step Painting

Pineapples aren’t just great for eating they’re great on just about anything else too! Creating some pineapple wall art can add a tropical touch to your decor and makes for some great wall art that isn’t too hard to create at all!

DIY Patterned Canvas Wall Art

ViaHome Edit

Creating patterned wall art is another way to create something worth showing off that doesn’t require tons of artistic skills. This DIY patterned wall art uses some awesome metallic paint that makes it shine and stand out!

DIY Herringbone Canvas Art

ViaI Should Be Mopping The Floor

This vintage looking piece is very geometrical and very easy to make. It requires almost no artistic skills and you simply need a few materials such as masking tape, paints, and a good size canvas.

Indoor Plants Painting


DIY Abstract Triangle Art

ViaNostalgie Cat

This framed wall art adds some easy sophistication to just about any room. We love how the frame matches the triangles inside which makes it look a lot more high end than it really is! It’s an easy painting idea that looks both gorgeous and unique.

DIY Gold Painted Canvas

ViaShop Craft Warehouse

Going off the gold and copper look, here is another cool gold wall art idea that you can add to your apartment. It’s probably one of the easiest wall art ideas in this list and cost very little to create. Once you make it, you can keep it and use it over and over.

DIY Easy Paint Swatch Wall Art

ViaHome Edit

Ever heard of paint swatch wall art? It’s as hard as taking a blank canvas, taking your favorite paint swatches, and gluing them together in your favorite order. Pretty easy, huh?

DIY Layered Abstract Wall Art

ViaSarah Hearts

Sarah Hearts is hands down one of my favorite DIY bloggers because anything and everything she comes up with is just gorgeous. When I came across this easy canvas painting idea I couldn’t not feature it. Get the lowdown over on her blog (and download some free wallpapers while you’re at it!)

DIY Paint Chip Canvas Art

ViaModge Podge Rocks Blog

Here’s another nifty paint chip idea. Wall art doesn’t have to be fancy or be full of little details. Something as simple as a canvas with a paint chip theme can bring some cheery brightness to any room in the house.

DIY Birch Tree Wall Art

ViaPersia Lou

Birch trees are so beautiful and they make an awesome idea to paint on canvas! They look super chic with a light blue background and the hint of gold in the middle. Head over to Persia Lou to learn exactly how to create this wall art beauty!

DIY Watercolor On Canvas Wall Art

ViaLines Across

If you want something REALLY bright and cheery then try this DIY Watercolor painting project that’ll make you proud you created it yourself. You can get the full step-by-step directions on how to paint it over at Violet Tinder.

DIY Pixel Wall Art

ViaThe Bold Abode

Pixel wall art is another chic wall art idea that you have to try at some point. What makes it so easy to create is the geometric triangles in it. It’s almost like a paint by numbers project once you get the basics down. Get the full run down over at The Bold Adobe.

DIY Ombre Art Canvas

ViaTwo Delighted

Ombre art is so IN right now and this DIY wall art piece is no different. The best part is that you can create it with literally any colors you want to make sure it matches your decor. Or better yet, if you want to get extra nifty, you can mix a couple of colors together!

DIY Gold Leaf Wall Art

ViaLive Love DIY

While it looks like it would take you ages to complete this piece of wall art, its actually pretty practical to put together. Some of the inexpensive materials you’ll need for this project are Elmer’s glue, paints, and a canvas size of your choosing.

DIY Black And White Wall Art

ViaHomey Oh My

Any black and white wall art will literally never go out of style. Luckily you can make your own right at home! This wall art can give a chic and laid back look to the room you’re trying to decorate and adds some fun and texture to any wall arrangement. Try it out over at Homey Oh My!

DIY Pink Abstract Wall Art

ViaNourish And Nestle

Need to add a splach of some nuch needed pink in your life? Try this DIY wall art piece! The combination of white, gold, and pink together makes it so easy on the eyes!

DIY Watercolor Cactus Wall Art

ViaInk Struck

Creating this framed wall art cactus masterpiece is much easier than you might first think. A watercolor painting can be a great way to relax and let your creativity out. And watercolors don’t cost much at all. Get the full tutorial for this beautiful wall art over at Ink Struck.

DIY Watercolor Bubbles Canvas Art


This bubble wall art is simply too creative and lively not to try. Its a pretty way to add a splash of color to whatever you’re working on and the bubbles add a nice touch to the paint. Try this easy DIY wall art for some fun!

DIY Brush Strokes Wall Art


can you tell these are just wide brush strokes on a blank canvas? It looks like its some expensive painting you pick up at a thrift store. Turns out you can create it right at home and in very little time. Change up the colors to match your decor and you’ve got yourself a masterpiece. Try out the full directions with Remodelaholic.

DIY Abstract Artwork

ViaFall For DIY

Abstract art is one of the easiest canvas painting ideas out there to get your DIY on because it doesn’t particularly have to look like anything. You can usecomplimentary colorsto create something amazing. Just make sure they go well with the rest of the decor in your space.

Printable Paint By Numbers

ViaDamask Love

You can count on Damask Love to come up with the most beautiful DIY ideas and this one is no different. A paint by numbers printable is an easy painting idea that looks like you created it from scratch. Get the printable on the site, pick up some paints, and start coloring.

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Abstract painting

ViaCrafts Unleashed

The beauty about painting on canvases is that you don’t have to use only paints. You can use ink too! This awesome tutorial over on Crafts Unleashed shows you how to create an easy DIY using a canvas and come ink.

A step by step paintingtechnique

ViaStep by step painting

Sometimes you need a few pointers on how to nail you painting technique. The tutorial over on step by step painting teaches you new ways to use different kinds of brushes to ensure you create an art piece with all kinds of different colors you’ll be proud of. Sometimes it takes trying out a few creative ideas before landing on a painting technique you enjoy.

Acrylic pouring

ViaMy Modern Met

One of the easiest ways to create an art piece is to try out acrylic pouring. With a few pointers you can find on My Modern Met, you can create an acrylic canvasartpiece that can brighten up your living room.

Herringbone wall art

ViaI Should Be Mopping The Floor

Hands down, this is a gorgeous herringbone wall art idea that, if you ask me, is pretty good at standing the test of time if done right. Once you head over and look at the tutorial, at first glance you might think you need a stencil to make it work. But really all you need is painter’s tape, some acrylics, and a canvas in your preferred size to create some fine art, if I do say so myself.

Quote canvas

ViaModge Podge

Love ’em or hate ’em, quote wall art doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Plus, it’s pretty easy art to create, kind of like monogram art. Modge Podge has a great tutorial on how to create a quote canvas you can proudly display in your living room.

Mandala DIY art

ViaPink Chai Living

Another great canvas art idea worth trying? DIY mandala art! This particular tutorial teaches you how to create awesome wall art with a sharpie and no canvas. That’s right, you can take your creativity off the confines of a canvas and paint on your wall, if you dare. Check out the beautiful tutorial over on Pink Chai Living.

Chevron painting tutorial


Sometimes it’s easy to mix up chevron wall art and herringbone wall art because they look really similar. But Chevron does have it’s own quirks, and you can totally use it as a beginner painter tutorial to sharpen your skills. Instructables has a detailed step by step guide on how.

Cherry blossom canvas art


A home decor favorite that’s pretty popular is creating cherry blossom wall art. Now, this might be more of an advanced wall art idea for people that have experience with watercolor, oil painting, acrylic paint, that have developed a painting technique, and that might not need a ton of tutorials.

Still, no matter what your painting proficiency, you can try it out and get plenty of inspiration from the cherry blossom canvas art you’ll find on Etsy. Or hey, you can also buy the finished product and start an art collection. Totally your call. There are no rules in the art world!

Abstract Flowers

ViaThe Cheerful Space

Though abstract flowers look like they’d be incredibly hard to create because of how elegant the outcome turns out, they’re actually easier to paint than you might think. Not to mention, they challenge you to take your painting skills a step above creating the same heart painting and makes you discover something new. The Cheerful Space has a great tutorial on abstract flowers worth checking out.

More easypainting ideas for beginners

  • Create a basic landscape with basic shapes
  • Divide your canvas into squares and paint them in with your favorite colors
  • Paint one side of your favorite leaf and use it as a print making stamp on a blank canvas
  • Get free paint chips from from your local paint store, cut them into irregular shapes, and glue them at random on a solid background
  • Create “abstract” art by using your favorite brush to create random strokes
  • Print out a picture of your favorite cartoon, trace it onto a blank canvas, and then color in the lines
  • Repaint over the top of an old picture with new colors and frame it
  • Use two canvases to create two paintings that go well together for a decorative piece you can place in your living room.
  • Paint a basic flower pattern with vibrant colors
  • Create a rainbow paint swatch on a white background
  • Use a coloring pages as a tracing/painting inspiration
  • Findmore canvas painting ideas and inspiration here
  • You can also find moreacrylicpainting ideas for beginners here

Painting tips for beginners

Here are some common questions that’ll inevitably pop up if it’s your first time painting a canvas at home. Like I like to say, there are no hard and fast rules for anything relating to art. You don’t have to “wait until you’re ready.” My best advice would be to just start. With enough tutorials and step by step practice under your belt, you’ll really start loving your results. Now, onto the tips:

What canvas is best for beginners?

While you could buystretched canvas. It tends to be a bit pricey. If you’re a beginner, it’s a great idea to start withmedium-sized canvas panels. That way you start your DIY painting hobby on a budget, and you don’t overspend while you practice your painting skills.

Should you paint a canvas white first?

You don’t really have to paint a canvas white if you’re a beginner. That’s a more advanced strategy painters use to get a certain effect. Here’s a helpful guide toread a bit more about it.

How to reuse an old canvas

If you’ve used a canvas and didn’t like how the painting turned out, you can simply paint a few layers of white paint over it and start over!

What is the easiest paint to use on a canvas?

The easiest and most affordable paint to start with as a beginner painter are acrylic paints. You can move on to oil paints and gouache once you’re a bit more comfortable with your painting skills. But in the end, there are honestly no hard and fast rules. It’s just that acrylic paints tend to be more affordable.

What should a beginner paint?

I remember as a beginner painter, I started painting basic shapes and landscapes. This helped me get a feel for the brushes and how they shaped the paint on the canvas.

Hopefully the canvas painting ideas for beginners on this list helped you brainstorm a few easy ideas you can recreate at home. Whatever you do though, the real secret to painting creations you love is sticking with it. Getting better little by little over time truly pays off.

You Don’t Have To Be Artistic To Create Beautiful Wall Art

Wall art can be the saving grace to that blank wall in your home that you don’t quite know what to do with. Whether you’re aiming for some framed wall art, metal wall art, or kitchen wall art, there’s something out there for all your wall art needs.

Join the conversation and tell us your experience with creating your own DIY wall art! Have you liked it and have you experimented with any designs? Let us know below!

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Canvas Painting Ideas and Wall Art

Canvas painting ideas and wall art are a great way to decorate your living space with personalized and unique artwork. The article provides a list of easy painting ideas that are affordable and fun to make. These ideas include:

  1. DIY Painting Supplies: The article suggests a list of supplies you'll need for your painting projects, such as acrylic paint set, canvas boards, painting easel, paintbrush set, and painter's tape.

  2. DIY Photo Transfer Art: This technique allows you to transfer photos onto a canvas to create personalized and unique wall art.

  3. Simple Canvas Painting: This idea involves using simple shapes, colors, and brushstrokes to create visually appealing artwork.

  4. DIY Watercolor Canvas Art: Watercolors are a versatile medium, and this idea teaches you how to create beautiful watercolor artwork on canvas.

  5. DIY Canvas Painting Idea With A Message: You can incorporate your favorite quotes, words, or sayings in your artwork to add a personal touch.

  6. Ink Art Projects: Using ink as a medium, you can create abstract and intricate artwork with unique patterns and textures.

  7. DIY Flower Print Canvas: Flower prints are timeless and can be incorporated into canvas artwork to add a touch of nature and beauty.

  8. Easy DIY Wall Art Painted Canvas: This idea involves using vibrant colors and patterns to create eye-catching and colorful wall art.

  9. Canvas Collage: Combining multiple canvases to create a collage of artwork is a creative way to display your artistic skills.

  10. How To Paint Clouds With Acrylic Paint: This tutorial teaches you how to paint realistic and fluffy clouds using acrylic paint.

  11. DIY Colorful Fabric Paint Canvas: By using fabric paint, you can create textured and colorful artwork on canvas.

  12. DIY Letter Art Canvas: Incorporating letters and typography into your artwork can create visually appealing and meaningful pieces.

  13. DIY Gold Leaf Splatter Paint: This technique involves using gold leaf to create splatter effects on a canvas, adding a touch of elegance and uniqueness.

  14. Squeegee Painting: Using a squeegee, you can create abstract and textured artwork on canvas.

  15. DIY Abstract Canvas Painting: This idea involves creating abstract artwork using various colors, shapes, and brushstrokes.

  16. DIY Watercolor Art: Watercolor paints can be used to create delicate and translucent artwork on canvas.

  17. Paint Swatch Art DIY: By using paint swatches, you can create colorful and geometric artwork on canvas.

  18. DIY Gold Abstract Art: Adding gold accents and abstract designs to your artwork can create a sophisticated and glamorous look.

  19. Landscape Canvas Art: This idea involves painting scenic landscapes on canvas, capturing the beauty of nature.

  20. How To Paint A Pineapple: Painting a pineapple can add a tropical touch to your artwork and home decor.

These are just a few examples of the canvas painting ideas and wall art mentioned in the article. The list includes a wide range of techniques and styles, allowing you to explore your creativity and create unique artwork for your living space.

Painting Tips for Beginners

If you're a beginner, the article also provides some useful tips for starting your painting journey:

  1. What Canvas is Best for Beginners? It suggests using medium-sized canvas panels as they are more affordable and suitable for practicing your painting skills.

  2. Should You Paint a Canvas White First? While advanced painters may paint a canvas white first to achieve a certain effect, beginners don't necessarily need to do this.

  3. How to Reuse an Old Canvas: If you're not satisfied with a previous painting, you can paint over it with layers of white paint and start afresh.

  4. What is the Easiest Paint to Use on a Canvas? Acrylic paints are recommended for beginners as they are affordable, versatile, and easy to work with.

  5. What Should a Beginner Paint? As a beginner, you can start with basic shapes, landscapes, or simple patterns to practice your brushwork and color mixing skills.

Remember, the most important thing is to enjoy the process and experiment with different techniques and styles. With practice and perseverance, you can develop your own unique artistic style and create beautiful wall art.

Let me know if there's anything specific you would like to learn more about or if you have any other questions!

Canvas Painting Ideas: 35 Beautiful Ways To Make Wall Art At Home Even If You Aren't Crafty (2024)


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